The horrendous traffic situation in Manila is unfortunately robbing us of important things in life.

MANILA, Philippines – Manila has officially the worst traffic situation at the city level. That’s what the popular navigation app Waze found in its first Global Driver Satisfaction Index released in October 2015.

And even though the government is taking steps to ease the horrendous traffic in the metro, the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) said it would take 15 years and over $65 billion worth of investments before this problem is finally solved.

Unfortunately, there are important things heavy traffic is taking away from us while we wait for the day when we don’t have to put up with it anymore. Here are some of them:

Your money

If you’re driving a car, perhaps you don’t need to do some math anymore to convince yourself that you’re losing so much money on gas.

If you take public transportation, you would prefer more convenient ride options, which are typically more expensive than other options.

And it’s needless to mention that you would sometimes consider dining out or buying to-go food so you can already tame your tummy while you’re stuck in traffic or the long queue for a public ride.

Work-life balance

If you live far from your workplace, you would want to get off from work as early as you can so you won’t have to go home too late, anticipating the traffic. While this is a wise move, this often means saying no to after-work dinners and late-night hangouts.

Getting stuck in traffic may also mean missing an episode of your favorite TV show. While you can catch up online, you don’t want to be left behind.

Making some time for exercise or workout can also be a struggle if you have to leave home early and get off late from work just to avoid traffic.

You might not have enough time also for some “me time” when you can de-stress and relax by doing something that you love.

Quality time with family and friends

One of the most serious losses is family time. Instead of having enough time to bond with your family when you arrive home, you would just head straight to bed because of exhaustion.

The same is true with your time with friends. Just when you think you have free days to catch up with your peers, the horrible traffic situation in the city is a painful obstacle that often becomes the ultimate reason why you and your friends would cancel a meet-up.

What to do

While heavy traffic is almost and unfortunately unavoidable until we get to the day of redemption, we need to take steps to make each day more bearable.

You can find a job with flexible working hours. You can carpool to work. You can also drive a fuel-efficient car to minimize gas expenses. You can also move into a residence that’s near your workplace so you can significantly save time and money.

Fortunately, leading real estate developers in the Philippines like Megaworld have been building lifestyle-centric developments in strategic locations so you can enjoy convenient, comfortable and luxurious living.

The likes of San Antonio Residences showcase first-class quality city living with affordable monthly amortization that starts at only P8,000. It features interactive amenities that encourage family bonding and healthy lifestyle in a serene and lush community, all in the middle of the city.